Mount Blair and Folda from Badandun, Glen Isla
Sunset over Creag na Cuigeil, from Auchintaple, Glen Isla
Bachnagairn Falls, Glen Doll
Loch Wharral winter, Glen Clova
Early autumn on the River South Esk at Bachnagairn, Glen Doll
Winter on the South Esk, Glen Clova
Mount Blair and Folda, Glen Isla
Adielinn, Glen Clova
Sunset showers, Adielinn, Glen Clova
Dusk on the River Isla, Glen Isla
Glenshee from Mealna Letter
Eagles Rock from Cairn Bannoch
The South Esk near Moulzie, Glen Doll
Summer in Glen Doll
The head of Glen Doll from the Tolmounth

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